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About L4H

I've had a camera in my hands since I was 15 years old when I received a Minolta SRT-101 35mm SLR as a gift. I was hooked on photography the next year when I was given a photo pass to the Long Beach Grand Prix and soon set my sights on being the next staff photographer for Road & Track magazine. I majored in Industrial Arts Photography at California State University, Long Beach and worked in a local studio for several years shooting weddings and portraits.

Then life happened.

For a lot of reasons, I pursued a career away from photography and spent many years as a hobbyist. I've never stopped making images...I just wasn't earning a living with them.

Then God happened.

In June of 2007, I went public with my relationship with Jesus and was baptized. Two days later, the career path I was on came to a screeching halt. A lot of soul-searching since has led me back to photography. It's the gift that God gave me back when I was 15 and I've been denying it most of my life. It's now something that I just can't NOT do.

I want to serve God and my community with my photography.

I'd love to serve you.

Why "Live4Him" or "L4H"?

My faith walk has been a paradox. I was raised Catholic and survived 12 years of Catholic school, but never really understood what it meant to trust Jesus. I was born and raised in southern California and moved to the Midwest at the age of 38. It was that move across the country that showed me what it meant to trust Christ and my life has been in His hands since.

When I arrived in St. Louis, I began serving with the high school youth at my church. One of the kids gave me one of those rubber bracelets that says "Live For Him" on it. I've been wearing it ever since and chose the moniker for my email address and my screen name on a Internet forum that I used to moderate (yeah...I'm a web junkie!). The folks on the forum eventually nicknamed me L4H and it stuck.